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These Treehouse Resorts Near Delhi Promise A Hushed Stay In The Woods

When bespoke luxury meets wild fantasy, a quaint nest takes shape. Carved out of wood and exhibiting nature in its full charm, treehouse resorts near Delhi are retreats that guarantee cozy comfort in the embrace of a tree. A number of such havens are just a few hours away from Delhi and are well-equipped to take care of your fancies.

States of Uttarakhand, Himachal, and Rajasthan have some of the most beautiful treehouses in India. With 360-degree view of the surroundings, they cut the picture of an artist’s imagination. Most of these treehouses are run by independent families, that make sure that you have a wonderful stay at their abode, where there is romance embedded in every nook.

Life is beautiful and it becomes even more attractive when seen from the swaying branches of a tree. Stay in a treehouse and experience the best of nature in the woods. 

1. The Tree House Resort, Jaipur

Treehouse cottages of Treehouse Jaipur in Rajasthan

Distance from Delhi: 230 km

Spend a leisure vacation in the Treehouse Resort Jaipur – one of the closest and the most popular treehouses near Delhi. Nature views from the lofted platforms are exceptional while the sleepy environs outside would leave you spellbound. They also arrange for camel safaris for the visitors. Infinity pool, and Peacock Bar add to the glam of the Treehouse Resort Jaipur.

Interiors of a room in the treehouse in Treehouse Resort in Jaipur

Treehouse and Waterhouse suites make this place an ideal escape for nature enthusiasts. The interiors of the treehouse and bar (peacock) look stunning; someplace where your wildest fantasies and imagination get rekindled. Hospitality is warm and the staff is prompt with their service!

Tariff: INR 20,000 per night onwards approximately


2. The Den Corbett, Ramnagar

Treehouse view in the Den Corbett in Ramnagar

Distance from Delhi: 283 km

One of the popular treehouse resorts near Delhi, the Den Corbett is the place where you need to go to relax and rejuvenate. The treehouse towering 56 feet above the ground gives you spectacular nature views like no other fancy retreat. You can actually behold the grandeur of nature from the confines of your stay.

A dining setup in the The Den Corbett Treehouse in Ramnagar

The suites are completely air-conditioned and as good as any other luxury stay in the Jim Corbett area. The wooden interiors are worth a watch and stays are well-complemented by modern facilities.

Tariff: INR 11,000 per night onwards


3. Cottage Nirvana, Nainital

A beautiful view of Cottage Nirvana Treehouse in Nainital

Distance from Delhi: 324 km

How about staying treehouse that has the coveted company of coniferous forests, and overlooks the great Himalayan peaks; snow capped, and majestic? Cottage Nirvana in Mukteshwar is a serene treehouse in Uttrakhand far from the city hustle. As you behold the majestic sun rise in the mountains and embrace the best of secluded nature, your soul is left enchanted with the scattered light from all around.

Interior view of Cottage Nirvana Treehouse near Delhi

At 2286 m Nirvana Treehouse is the ultimate place to explore nature’s serenity. To your advantage, there is a well stocked library and they also organise meditation sessions. Colorful mountains and birds flying around make this treehouse a photogenic retreat.

Tariff: INR 10,000 per night onwards


4. Treehouse Cottages, Manali

A view of Treehouse Cottage in Manali

Distance from Delhi: 526 km

The family-run Treehouse Cottages is one of the most coveted properties in Manali, and apparently one of the most romantic stays in Manali. Nestled in the alpine, it is located 32 km from Manali Airport and 21 km from Hadimba Temple – one of the most prominent places to visit in Manali.

Tariff: INR 10, 000 per night onwards


5. Finnish Cottage, Shimla

A beautiful Finnish Cottage perched at the top of a tree in Shimla

Distance from Delhi: 340 km approximately

Finnish Cottage, tucked amid pine and cedar trees in Shimla, is a highly recommended treehouse resort near Delhi. Surrounded by greenery, the cottage allures nature lovers, adventurers, backpackers, and couples looking for a quiet slip in the hills.

Apart from the tree house, the property also has tea lounge, bar, and seating areas. Take a walk down the forest for or go for a candid photography session only if you have had enough of the mesmerising stay on the tree. The treehouse is highly recommended for every romantic couple.

Consider this one as one of the most exciting and engrossing stays if your are looking forward to booking a Himachal honeymoon package.

Tariff: INR 6,028 per night


1. Himalayan Village, Manali

A beautiful view of The Himalayan Village on a sunny day

Distance from Delhi: 519 km

The Himalayan Village might not be a treehouse but it’s dreamier than a tree house. Considered as one of the top stays in the woods in Manali region, you may consider a stay in the Himalayan Village for a different stay.

Tariff: INR 13, 000 per night onwards


2. Suro Tree House Resort, Shimla

A man walking towards the Suro Tree House Resort in Shimla ss12092017

Distance from Delhi: 336 km

One of the top stay in Shimla, the Suro Tree House Resort is rather a wooden retreat with set up in the stunning meadows. Alpines all around and duplex chalets of the resort cut a picture of a classy retreat. Considered as an ideal option for nature lovers, the resort is one of its kind. DO give it a try!

Tariff: INR 10, 000 per night onwards

Smart traveler tip: While looking up treehouse resorts near Delhi, common names that come up are Treehouse Queens Pearl Gurgaon, Tree house Resort Bhiwadi, Treehouse Resort Dwarka Neemrana, and Tree house Resort Chandwaji. Sadly, they do not offer any treehouse stay. They are a part of different chains or resorts that go by the name ‘Treehouse’. Do not consider these results if you are looking for a real treehouse stay.

Woods are lovely, dark and deep; and the treehouse in it make for an ultimate slip! So which one is your favorite nest?