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4 Days Singapore Itinerary: Our Family Trip To This City Was All Magical

Our 4 days Singapore Itinerary was everything we wished for. The planning began when my husband and I started to look for a nice, relaxing yet quick escape for a few days. We had been looking for an opportunity that gives us a break from monotonous life and where we enjoy a good family vacation. During many of our discussions with our family and friends, my cousin sister suggested us to go to Singapore. She had already been to this city and told me how perfect this destination was for a family trip. Upon a little more research we were convinced and decided to go on a Singapore Trip from Bangalore.

Then came the time for us to do the booking and planning our entire trip. The same cousin suggested that we get it done with TravelTriangle as she had booked her trip with them. The agent made our 4 days Singapore itinerary after asking us all our details and requirements. Finally, everything was done and we ready to fly to this beautiful destination.

Cost: INR 134500
Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights
No. of people: 2 Adults, 1 Child
Inclusions: Breakfast, Airport Transfers, Sightseeing, Cab, Entry Tickets
Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Early Check-in, Travel Insurance
Travel Agent from TravelTriangle: Kushark Holidays Private Limited

Day 1: Arrival, Check-in, and Leisure
Day 2: Singapore City Tour
Day 3: Universal Studio
Day 4: Departure

While planning these 4 days in Singapore, we asked our agent that what would be the best time to visit and he suggested anytime between December to January because everything would be all festive because of the New Year and other local festivals. We could not be more than happy to visit Singapore in February. The weather was pleasant and the whole place had a very festive vibe.

Since the holiday was planned we were daydreaming about this gorgeous place. Our Singapore itinerary for 4 days consisted of all the beautiful and best places to visit. Since we were traveling with a baby, all these tourist spots were apt for a family to go to.

1. Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay

Roller Coaster


me and my wife

Garden View


This is a magical place that we fell in love with the minute we visited this place. It was so green and pleasant that everywhere we looked we only saw lush greenery and smiling faces of other tourists who were feeling equally ecstatic about this place. This park consisted of 3 waterfront gardens and has some of the most exotic flora. Visiting this place in the evening is all the precious with all the lights that light up the place.

2. S.E.A Aquarium

S.E.A Aquarium

Aquarium Outer Area

Children Playing With Water

One of the highlights of our 4 days Singapore itinerary was visiting SEA Aquarium as this is the world’s largest aquarium that consists of various species of underwater inhabitants. Seeing these beautiful creatures like 200 sharks, manta rays, Napolean wrasse and other species wasn’t just excited for our kid but equally for us.

3. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island family Photo

Sentosa Island

My wife and my lovely Baby

We spent a whole day here where we did multiple things and enjoyed every bit of our time. We sat on a cable car and watched a Wings of Time show which was a very different experience. The show consisted of dramatic effects, pyrotechnics, and a piece of captivating music

4. Universal Studio

My wife and my Cute Baby

Universal Studio

Another great day for us where we spent the entire day at the Universal Studio. There were several rides, attractions, and regions all based on different Hollywood movies. The experience that we had here was unlike anything we have ever experienced before. It was a fun time for us as a family as even our kid was so excited to see some characters out and alive. Visiting Universal Studio is a must-visit for all.

Shopping In Singapore

Even though we did not shop much here but Singapore is a shoppers hub with so many malls, eleite brands and shopping streets waiting for you to splurge on them. Where we did go was Mustafa Shopping Centre which is a one-stop-shop destination. We purchased quite a many chocolates from here from different brands. We would also suggest tourists shop for gold from here if they like.

While in Singapore we enjoyed various food types and tried many. Apart from eating at our hotel, we tried some local restaurants too that catered to different cuisines. Fried carrot cake, Kaya Toast, Oyster Omelet, and Tau Huay are few of the must-try.

During our 4 days in Singapore, we stayed in this amazing hotel called Classique Hotel. We loved everything about this property. It was clean, tidy, the staff was very punctual and provided us with everything that was promised to us or was asked of them. We especially want to mention their delicious breakfast.

1. We would suggest people traveling to Singapore to purchase gold as it is really good here.

2. Since the city is a little expensive therefore people should take money accordingly as per that.

3. For people traveling with children, visiting Universal Studio is a must.

4. Gardens By The Bay gets very crowded during the day make sure you reach their early.

5. Singapore is a hot and humid place, hence pack your clothing accordingly.

Our experience with TravlTriangle was amazing. They planned our 4 days Singapore itinerary so well that we cannot thank them enough. They made sure that all our needs and requirements were met and the trip stays in our budget. When we approached TravelTriangle regarding this trip they gave us different quotes to choose from. The payment process was done in 3 installments that we really appreciated.

Moreover, the agent assigned was constantly in touch with us. He was available at every drop of a hat until we came back from the trip.

We enjoyed our time in Singapore a lot. It was one of the best trips that we have had. We loved how the TravelTriangle team took care of everything and would book more trips with them in the coming future. If you too wish to have a similar experience then wait not and plan your trip with TravelTriangle now and get ready for a great adventure.

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Christmas In Japan: Relish The Kurisumasu Keki This Christmas!

Christmas is mostly seen as a casual holiday. It mostly involves time off work, gifts and card exchanges, greeting friends, family, and loved ones, spending a romantic evening, and much more! Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan. Students usually get holidays, starting from Christmas through New year, however, businesses operate as ordinary working days. An organization work off might be observed depending on the particular organization’s culture and beliefs. Christmas is not celebrated as a religious holiday by the country either.

The Christian population in Japan is very small, with only about 2.3 percent of the total population being Christians. Christmas mass celebrations have now started being witnessed across the country, starting very recently about a decade ago. The Japanese streets come alive with lights and decorations during Christmas in Japan. Japanese people treat themselves and their loved ones with Christmas cakes and parties. The couples treat themselves with a romantic night out, while others soak in the ambiance and the colorful decorations. Japan doesn’t leave itself behind in celebrating Christmas and becomes an attractive wonderland during Christmas. Visit Japan to see for yourself and also know what Merry Christmas in Japanese is called!

With Christmas not being an important festival in this country, many people think that there aren’t many things to do around in this country during Christmas. But that is far from the truth as Japan celebrates Christmas with very high spirits and has many long-running traditions and big attractions during Christmas. Here is a list of the best that Japan has to offer for an amazing Christmas experience for its visitors.

1. Winter sports


The ski season usually starts in December and picks up the pace all the way through March. The most enjoyable part of Christmas in Japan is the winter sports they offer. People usually enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Hakuba, Hokkaido, Yuzawa, Nozawaonsen, and Niseko are among the famous places to go to. Japanese ski spots are famous for their ‘fluffy’ powdery snow. Christmas in Japan weather offers fresh snows which are also at a drive distance from the most famous tourist destinations.
The temperatures usually drop to around 6 degrees Celsius to -2 degrees during December making these places popular among international tourists. Few tourists usually also live in these places full time or for a couple of years to enjoy the weather and other offerings. The best ski resorts can be found in both the main island (Honshu) and the North Island (Hokkaido).

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2. Hot Pot

Hot food

Try the cold season dish Nabemono (also Nabe for short). The ingredients vary according to the taste, region, and preferences of the group. People enjoy thinly sliced beef, boiled eggs, and egg dumplings, mushrooms, and sometimes leafy vegetables. The spicy broth is recommended. Sukiyaki is the most famous hot pot dish. It is served with soy sauce and tofu along with the other ingredients. The noodles and the rice are usually cooked in the remaining broth and have a distinct flavor as well.
The dish is, however, a ‘group’ dish and can only be enjoyed with people sitting around, sharing the table and memories. This is a perfect Christmas dish which brings friends and family together, just like the festive tradition! The best Japanese Christmas food experience is offered along with a table surrounded by your loved ones.

3. Decorations and lights

Beautiful Decorations

The last week of December is marked by colorful light decorations around spots famous with foreign tourists. The decorations, for instance, the Tokyo station illuminations are decorated and open to exhibits from November end through Mid February. Both modern and historical architecture is decorated with lights. Trees and structures along the pathways are covered in colorful lights. Tokyo Shiodome and Tokyo Midtown both offer free entry to multiple illumination areas that display structures covered in colorful LEDs. Sagamiko Illumination offers a view of hillsides covered in LEDs, amusement parks and other attractions for a fee of 1000 yen per head.
Other free admission events are Sendai Pageant of Starlight, Osaka Hikari Renaissance, Midosuji Illumination, and a lot more. Slow walks along the illumination and booking a dinner table overlooking the decorations are the recommended activities. Christmas in Japan travels is incomplete without a walk through these illuminated pathways. The pathways usually take half an hour to an hour to traverse. If you like to take macros, you might want to factor in the time you take to get a few decent pictures to enter in your social media for good.

4. Fireworks

Fireworks in the sky

The winter nights are bright, cold and especially clear. This year Lake Haruna illumination fest is scheduled from December 7th through 26th. Another famous illumination show can be witnessed in Yamanakako every day starting November 23rd all the way through January 3rd. There is also a fire show event every Sunday which would be held for public till Christmas. The illuminations and the fire shows are for great pictures and memories. The event is also free and is open from 5 pm till 9 pm at the night.

5. Hot Baths

Hot water

After an exhausting day of bargain shopping and eating in the streets you can head to the healing waters to relax and to relieve stress! The hot water baths provide a glimpse into traditional Japanese hospitality and customs. The hot baths can be indoors or outdoors but its recommended to get an open-air hot bath for a unique experience that Japan has to offer. The baths can be overlooking snow grounds. The winter cold, the festive mood, and the illuminations and decorations integrate to create a really peaceful and serene experience.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

6. Quaint villages

Village houses

A UNESCO world heritage site Shirakawago displays a unique winter experience. The village is well lit, covered in snow and an overall serene experience. The villages provide a peek to traditional Japanese architecture and culture. The houses are styled with a steep roof and most of them are usually at least a century old. Few events wherein the marketplaces are decorated with lights are held during December end. You can have a rich experience of both the weather and Christmas in Japan traditions.

7. Kurisumasu Keki


Kurisumasu Keki or Japanese Christmas cake can be brought from every good food establishment. The cake is usually the spongy dessert and not the heavy nut and fruitcake. It contains light cream fillings and frosting. The cakes are delicious, and the entire population seems to love them as well. While the people flock around in red Santa hats and comfy winter wears the Japanese Christmas and especially the cake is not about the religious traditions. The cake signifies prosperity.
The country comprising of small islands came up to rise from the ruins after the WWII. The country cake is symbolic, has a history, and a story. The white icing on the cakes and the cherry top also symbolize the Japanese flag. Just hop to the nearest store (even the most notoriously famous Japanese 7 eleven) and you can have a taste of the old Japanese tradition.

8. Temples during the Winter


The shrines and temples have a festivity air and a soothing atmosphere. You can visit a temple and enjoy the small local operated markets that open close to them. They offer a variety of foods and cool things for purchase. The best time to visit the temples is December 23rd that marks the birthday of the emperor. The shrines are decorated specially for the emperor’s birthday. The decorations can be seen during Christmas and Christmas Eve in Japan, in case you miss it during the emperor’s birthday. A lot of people visit the temples which also offers a different experience and atmosphere. The shopping might be restricted to small and everyday items.

Christmas in Japan 2018 would offer everything from the most traditional Japanese cultures to modern day skyscrapers covered in LEDs and ski resorts with the finest powdery snow. The festival though not celebrated with a specific religious inclination by the vast majority, is still a great way of sharing time and love with our close ones. Romantic dinners and long walks with your partner are the best way to spend Christmas in Japan. Book your trip with TravelTriangle and have a great Christmas!


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Trip To Ladakh With Family Soon? Here’s All You Need To Know Beforehand

With a charming scenery to accompany those cool breeze that splash across your face like magic, Ladakh’s unparalleled beauty is known to attract many visitors from across the globe. But, there’s more to this land than justladakh trip with family those majestic hills. Various attractions in Ladakh often go unnoticed as there’s simply so much to do. Be it trying the local cuisine or simply exploring the markets with your loved ones, when it’s a trip to Ladakh with family, you’ll keep coming back for more. So, find out what this family has to say about their recent holiday here!

We always wanted to step into the scenic paradise that Ladakh is but with our daughter being too young, we couldn’t due to many health risks involved in going to that level of altitude. When our child turned 12, we figured, it’s time for a fun packed vacation to Ladakh!

Besides being home to the fascinating Karakoram range and main Himalayan range, this place was also new to our daughter and that’s how we knew it would be more than just an adventure. With a week-long plan in our mind, we couldn’t wait for this journey to begin as we’ve been planning for it for the past few months.

With so much to do around in the scenic land of Ladakh, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re thinking of planning a Ladakh family tour! Here’s what Chhaya’s family got on their vacation.

Trip Type: Family
Cost: INR 1,07,400
Travel Agent: Explarience Tours Travels
Duration: 7 days, 6 Nights
Inclusions: Breakfast, Dinner, Airport transfers, Accommodations, Sightseeing cab, Welcome drinks on arrival, Govt taxes including GST
Exclusions: Lunch, English Speaking Driver, Camel ride, Entry fee charges, Airfare, Rafting, Any other additional cost incurred during the trip

Despite having just 7 days in Ladakh, we had a lot of things planned ahead of us and here are some of the takeaways from our trip that you should know of.

Kashmir Tour Packages On TravelTriangle

Visit Kashmir and experience skiing in Gulmarg, trekking through the breathtaking mountains lakes, trout fishing in Sonmarg and a romantic stay in houseboats in Jhelum River. Book packages inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals.

landscape view of Ladakh

really enjoyed the place to spend some time

overview of the beautiful city

People in Ladakh are very warm and helping. Whether it’s the hotel staff, the locals you’ll find in the market or elsewhere, or the vendors, the caring nature of the folks here really gets to you! Even getting to know the culture of these locals, you’ll experience a quite soothing vibe around, as they’re eager to share what they know and have known in the past many years.

enjoying the view

having fun with family

took ride on sheep

When you’re visiting Ladakh, the natural undisturbed environment is what brings peace to your mind. Coming from an urban environment with all the hustle and bustle of a city life, this land bringing a contrast to your eyes really soothes you. Not to forget, the lush landscapes with very less people residing in the area are just about perfect for any kind of family trip to Ladakh!

on a trip with family

seeking blessings on the temple

a serene view in temple

swinging religious bells

buddha statue

had an amazing time on snow valley mountains

visiting the magnetic hill

camel ride in Nubra valley

thrilling experiences like Quad bike ride

on the bike ride with family

Be it the Pangong Lake, Leh Palace, Sham Valley, also known as the Apricot Valley or the thrilling experiences like Quad bike ride and camel ride in the Nubra valley, there are so many things to do in Ladakh especially if you have around a minimum of 7 days in Ladakh! Even places like Gurudwara Pathir Sahib, Pangong Tso Lake, Changla Pass, Diskit Monastery and Khardung La Pass that we covered on our trip are breathtaking in every sense of the term.

enjoying the weather sitting outside

sitting in tent

outside of the tent

For non-vegetarians, it’s always easy to find food options anywhere. But, even for vegetarians, this place is perfect! You can have pizzas, maggi, thukpa and momos here. The prices are the same as any other place in a proper city in Ladakh. When it comes to taking a highway, or any restaurant outside the main city, the prices are comparatively less.

    • Do not forget to take Airtel and BSNL cards
    • Carry boots and thick socks
    • Carry a sunscreen above 50 + SPF
    • Pack thick jackets and woolen clothes

    There are a few Ladakh travel tips that one can keep in mind as this is what we learned from our trip. These will also help you on your journey when you plan to take a Ladakh trip with family.

          • Use camphor bottles and keep sniffing in the mountains
          • Do not sleep in the noon when travelling in the mountains. It can lead to stroke and respiratory issues.
          • Do not go out without thermals
          • Carry an oxygen cylinder, if possible as there were a lot of health problems faced by people around us
          • Wear clothes on layers, so that if it gets uncomfortable with so many clothes, you can take one layer off.

          With a pleasant Ladakh weather in April month, why would you want to go anywhere else in the world? There’s nothing like Ladakh’s charming paradises and stunning lakes that will sweep you off your feet! So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Ladakh for an ultimate holiday like never before and make sure you tag along your loved ones to get the best of this land!

          If you’re looking forward to Ladakh with family trip soon, just like this family, then here are a few common queries about this land that’ll help you on your way!

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3 Hostels In Gangtok Which Will Be Real Saviour For Backpackers On A Budget!

Resting at the mighty ranges of Himalayas, this capital city of Sikkim glistles with a beautiful panoramic view of lush-green landscapes and perfectly aligned houses at the hilltop. In the past few years, this place has emerged as a top destination for budget-backpackers. For the millenials who are hitting the roads every month, the hostels in Gangtok are the perfect place to crash in a shoe-string budget. And the pristine locations of Gangtok and its trekking trails are inviting adventurous souls throughout the year. Thus with the growing tourists, few travelers hostels emerged in the city which ensure a comfortable stay in a budgeted price.

If you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to miss the chance to explore the best sights of Gangtok, then find your stay at one of these top hostels in Gangtok.

1. Tag Along Backpackers

Tag Along Backpackers

One of its own kinds, the Tag Along Backpackers in Gangtok is a staycation which will give you a complete local traveler experience. One of the best cheap hostels in Gangtok located close to the beautiful landscapes of Gangtok, this place is a very budget-friendly option for the backpackers, couples and friends group. Staying here will take you close to the culture of the state and also bring you stories by different travelers. While its a perfect place for a budgeted vacation, this place also provides a separate dorm for the solo female travelers. And if you’re bored of your company, there is a Travel cafe where you can sit, sip your coffee and also interact with fellow travelers.

Ratings: 4.6/5
Location: Abhilasha, Next to Nepali Sahitya Parishad, Development Area., Gangtok, Sikkim 737101
Tariff: Starting from INR 1,600
Website | Reviews

Sikkim-Gangtok-Darjeeling Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Visit Sikkim and explore Yumthang valley, Tsomgo Lake, Gangtok, Nathula Pass, and Pelling. Experience peace and tranquility while exploring Buddhist monasteries, snow-capped mountains, and wildlife sanctuaries. Book packages inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals.

2. Go Hills Bed And Breakfast

Go Hills Bed And Breakfast

Another abode for the travelers on a shoe-string budget is the Gohills orchid hostel in Gangtok. It is a small but one of the amazing Gangtok hostels which is an ideal staycation for the people who are looking out for a relaxing place within a budget. Located just in the middle of the bustling city, this place keep the travelers close to the Lal Market and MG Marg. This hostel is also close to major sights like the Namgyal institute, flower exhibition, royal palace, Enchey monastery and Sikkim handicraft department.

Ratings: 4.3/5
Location: M.G Road, Near ICICI Bank and Khan Chacha restaurant, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101
Tariff: Starting from INR 1,100

3. Hotel Sumpurna


Image Courtesy:
With the Enchey Monastery, Ganesh Tok View, and Hanuman Tok being located in its vicinity, Hotel Sumpurna is one of the most-visited youth hostels in Gangtok. This hostel showcases a garden where guests can simply chill and rejuvenate. Offering an in-house bar, this is one of the best backpackers hostels in Gangtok that makes sure that backpackers and other guests get to mingle and make new friendships that could last a lifetime. Hotel Sumpurna also hosts a pub crawl where they make sure that all the fun-filled and vibrant spots that oozes out the authenticity of Gangtok nightlife is showcased perfectly.

Ratings: 4/5
Location: Chandmari Road, 737101 Gangtok, India
Tariff: Starting from INR 2,470


Best Time To Visit Gangtok

Gangtok is a place which has a pleasant weather throughout the year, but despite that October to December is considered the ideal time to plan a vacation to this Sikkim capital. This pristine hill station has a mix of nature’s scenic sights and adventurer’s spot to calm down your adrenaline rush. The summer months starts from March and stays till June and the weather remains pleasant making it perfect for sightseeing. While October to December the temperature goes below 0 degree. Whereas it is better to avoid traveling to Gangtok during monsoon season as heavy rainfall leads to landslides.

While you’re planning your vacation to Gangtok make sure to know which are easy ways to reach this capital city.

By Flight

For people planning to travel by air, the nearest airport from Gangtok is Bagdodra from where one has to take a cab or taxi to reach the city. Located at a distance of 125 Kms it takes around 4 hours to reach the place. One can also opt for a helicopter services from Gangtok.

By Road

There are taxis and cabs available from the nearby cities and buses run frequently from Siliguri.

By Train

The nearest railway station from Gangtok is New Jalpaiguri which is situated at a distance of 117 Kms. To reach the city one has to take a cab or taxi from the city and it takes around 4 hours from the station.

Q: Will there be snow in Nathula Pass in May?

A: No. The snow can be seen during the months of November to March. But apart from that, if you’re lucky you can see snow even till mid-April and sometimes in May but that is complete exception.

So have you packed your bags already? Gangtok is waiting for you and these hostels will be your perfect retreat for a quick getaway where you can enjoy the comfort, meet new travelers and save some bucks. But before that don’t forget to customize your Gangtok holiday with TravelTriangle!

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15 Best Restaurants In South Africa To Enjoy Ultimate Culinary Delight In 2019!

A holiday is complete if you do not experience its local food and explore the popular restaurants of the place. South Africa is not an exception in this regard. Popular cities in South Africa are adorned with various restaurants, serving different cuisines and recipes. From local to continental, American to Mexican; you can find everything if you explore the top-rated restaurants in South Africa.

Are you muddled about shortlisting the restaurants? Fret not. We have got it sorted for you, in the list of best places to eat in South Africa.

You must visit these restaurants in Cape Town for having the best of famous African dishes and ambience!

1. Pigalle Restaurant: Of Fresh Seafood And Delicious Steaks

fine dining restaurants

Elegant décor, superb food, live band, and buzzing dance floor; what else you want to make your evening dazzling and memorable? Pigalle Restaurant is among the top 15 restaurants in South Africa that features everything. Pigalle is a famed name in the restaurant industry in South Africa, that owns 3 more fine dining restaurants in Sandton, Bedfordview and Melrose Arch, other than Cape Town. Much popular for steak and seafood, this place has the best variants of Mediterranean and European recipes in the city.

Location: Somerset Square, 57 Somerset Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
Must try: Chalmar steak, Ostrich steak, Crème brule and Kingklip
Opening hours: 12 noon to 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Website | Reviews

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2. Seven Spur Steak Ranch: The Steak House In Cape Town

super tasty burgers, ribs and steaks

Seven Spur Steak Ranch is a popular restaurant franchises in South Africa, known for super tasty burgers, ribs and steaks. Located at Sea Point, this is the most visited spur restaurant South Africa possess. The restaurant features an expansive dining area, perfect for family dinner, kid’s parties, private dinners and corporate events. Moreover, they have a designated activity area for kids-The Play Canyon; which ensures that the children do not have a dull moment here.

Location: 11 Arthurs Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8060, South Africa
Must try: Pork ribs, Rib burger and Char-grilled steak.
Opening hours: 9 am to 10 pm
Website | Reviews

3. The Test Kitchen: A Restaurant Of Its Kind

offers classy fine dining experience

The Test Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Cape Town South Africa that offers classy fine dining experience. Opened in 2010, this is the brainchild of Chef Dale Roberts and comprises of the unique concept of Dark Room and Light Room. The Light Room is for tasting menu and informal chitchat, while the Dark Room is formal and meant for private and cozy dining. If you want to savor sumptuous dishes and try out one of the best fine dining restaurants in South Africa, The Test Kitchen.

Location: The Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915, South Africa
Must try: Amuse bouche, Chargrilled scallops and Lamb sweetbread
Opening hours: 6:30 pm to 9 pm. The restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays.
Website | Reviews

4. Ristorante La Trinita: Mouth-Watering Italian Delicacies

offers authentic and incredible Italian recipes

In the league of best Italian restaurant in South Africa, this one occupies a top position. Perfectly set at the ground floor of Kyalami Downs Shopping Centre, Ristorante La Trinita is a clear winner, when it comes to authentic and incredible Italian recipes. Starting from a sumptuous menu, elegant décor to super prompt service; all these features have made it one of the best restaurants in South Africa and have helped it to win plenty of prestigious awards and recognitions such as Zomato User’s Choice, Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor, Top Choice Restaurant in Johannesburg and one among the 101 best places to eat in the World and is one of the best pizza restaurants in South Africa.

Location: G1A, Kyalami Downs Shopping Centre, Kyalami Boulevard & Main Rd, Kyalami Park, Midrand, 1684, South Africa

Must try: Springbok carpaccio, Panzerotti and Panna Cotta
Opening hours: 12 noon to 3 pm and 5: 30 pm to 10 pm, on all days except Mondays.
Website | Reviews

5. Marble Restaurant: For A Perfect Fine Dining Experience

specialises in local and contemporary food

Situated in Keyes Art Mile- the buzzing Art and Food hub in Johannesburg, Marble Restaurant is an upscale South African restaurant, that specialises in local and contemporary food. The classy décor and ambiance and the well-designed menu and handpicked wine collection by David Higgs will make sure, you come back here again and again.

Location: Trumpet on Keyes, 19 Keyes Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa
Must try: Tuna tacos, Pork belly and Grilled octopus
Opening hours: 12 noon to 10 pm
Website | Reviews

6. Havana Grill: Heaven For Non-Vegetarians

delicious food and wine collections

If you are fond of grilled food and steaks; this is the place for you. One of the top fast food restaurants in South Africa, Havana Grill is situated within the Suncoast Casino Hotel complex and offers best in class steaks, grills, meat and seafood. Boasting of the most delicious food and wine collections and unmatched views from Bluff to Umhlanga Rocks; Havana Grill is a must visit South African restaurant, that one should keep in the wish list.

Location: 42, Suncoast Casino, Battery Beach Rd, North Beach, Durban, 4001, South Africa
Must try: Prawn salad, Seafood platter and T bone steak
Opening hours: 12 noon to 3 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm
Website | Reviews

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

7. Butcher Boys Florida Road: Best Place To Enjoy Beef In Durban

get some absolutely fresh vibe

Way back in 1991, Laz and Derryck planned starting a restaurant in South Africa called Butcher Boys Florida Road. Presently, this is one of the best steak houses in Durban and have gained tremendous popularity. The meat here is of fine quality and absolutely fresh. Moreover, when served with in-house basting sauce and handpicked vintage wine, it turns out to be a surreal affair. This is the only one among the popular restaurants in South Africa, that owns an in-house butchery, where you can always customise the meat cut.

Location: 170 Florida Rd, Morningside, Durban, 4001, South Africa
Must try: Any beef dish. Moreover, you can also try Creamed spinach, Calamari Cajun and Cheese prawns.
Opening hours: 12 noon to 10 pm. Only on Sundays, the restaurant closes at 9: 30 pm.
Website | Reviews

8. La Petite Colombe: Of Wine And Lively Ambiance

fascinating place with amazing tasting menu

When we are listing top restaurants in South Africa, we cannot miss La Petite Colombe. This is a fascinating place with amazing tasting menu, customised as per season and best wine collection. Moreover, meeting the chef and tasting his special recipes and palate cleansers are additional bonus here. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best restaurants in Franschhoek South Africa, that serves vegan and gluten free variants as well and is one of the most amazing vegan restaurants in South Africa.

Location: Le quartier Francais Hotel, Franschhoek, South Africa
Must try: Wagyu beef, Yellowfin tuna and Pan seared line fish
Opening hours: 12 noon to 10 pm
Website | Reviews

9. Old Townhouse Restaurant: For A Quick Grab

lovely ambiance

Among the must-visit restaurants in George South Africa, Old Townhouse is a cozy family run set up, boasting of warmth and courteous hospitality. The owner couple play the role of a perfect host and takes personal care of each and every guest. Detailed and well-thought menu, decent crowd and lovely ambiance make it one of the must-visit fast food restaurants in South Africa.

Location: 94 York St, George Central, George, 6530, South Africa
Must try: Springbok Shank, Snail bread and Biltong spring rolls
Opening hours: On all days, except Sundays, from 12 noon to 11 pm.
Website | Reviews

10. Cuisine Afrique Restaurant & Venue: Local Delicacies

craving for authentic local food

Ending South Africa vacation without savouring local food is a half-hearted feeling. So, if you are craving for authentic local food, search no more and visit Cuisine Afrique Restaurant & Venue. This is one of the top-rated restaurants in Boksburg South Africa, that specialises in flavoursome African cuisine. Other than delicious food and crafted beer, this place is also famous for social parties, bonfire, live music, open-air dining and candle-lit dinners. Serving wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner, Cuisine Afrique Restaurant & Venue is that South African restaurant, that you should experience at least once.

Location: 20 Asquith Rd, Ravenswood, Boksburg, 1459, South Africa
Must try: Oxtail, Eisbein and Amuse bouche
Opening hours: 6: 30 am to 10 pm. On Sundays the restaurant is open from 7 am to 4 pm
Website | Reviews

11. Mosaic At The Orient: French Fine Dining


The Mosaic is housed in The Orient Hotel and serves exquisite, seasonal dishes like Earth and Clouds. It is a blend of sauteed mushrooms with black truffle foam and potato puree. Another famous delicacy that this place offers is quail tempura with tamarind syrup. You can also relish some of the best wine available in South Africa.

Location: Francolin Avenue | The Orient Hotel, Pretoria 0001, South Africa
Must Try: Earth and Clouds
Opening Hours: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Website | Reviews

12. The Restaurant At Waterkloof: Savor Classic Dishes


The restaurant whets the appetite with contemporary classic dishes complemented by the finest wines of South Africa. Their chef emphasis on using fresh ingredients such as free-range eggs and a diverse range of vegetables and rare herbs many of which are there own produce.

Location: Sir Lowry’s Pass Village Street, Somerset West, Cape Town, 7129, South Africa
Must Try: Mauritius Seabass
Opening Hours: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Website | Reviews

13. DW Eleven 13: Try Experimental Delicacies

DW Eleven 13

DW – Eleven 13 is considered as one of the best restaurants in Johannesburg, South Africa. It offers some of the greatest experimental cuisines to its diners. They are popular among food lovers due to their capability of creating distinct flavors in the familiar dishes.

Location: Dunkeld West Shopping Centre, Jan Smuts Ave, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa
Opening Hours: 12:00 PM – 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Website | Reviews

14. The Pot Luck Club: Relish Innovative Dishes


Perched on the top floor of the Silo of the Old Biscuit Mill, The Pot Luck Club opened in 2013 and has gained the title of the coolest place to be in Cape Town. It acquired success due to innovative cuisines and a relaxed environment. Numerous diners spend their time in the evening with their friends & loved ones and savor elegant dishes.

Location: The Silo, The Old Biscuit Mill, 373-375 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915, South Africa
Must Try: Truffle and Asparagus tart fine, Porcini Hollandaise and Poached Quail Eggs
Opening Hours: 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Website | Reviews

15. Camphors: Try Dishes At This Exceptional Restaurant


The word Camphors has been taken from the ancient Camphor trees which provide a green look to the surroundings. Similarly, the restaurant is sprawled in a large area overlooking expansive lawns. It is included in the top 21 exceptional South African restaurants. You can try out some of the best seasonal dish varieties along with classical wines.

Location: Lourensford Rd, Golden Acre, Somerset West, 7130, South Africa
Opening Hours: 12:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Website | Reviews

Are you mesmerized with the photographs already? Tempted to check out these restaurants in South Africa? What are you waiting for? Include these top restaurants in your South Africa holiday and savor these dishes on your own. Do not forget to click pictures and share your experience with us.


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7 Days In Kerala With Kids: The Experience Was Beyond Impeccable

Amit Choudhary talks about his trip to Kerala with kids. He describes their amazing natural experience in the lush greenery of the state and tells us why it is the perfect destination to travel with kids. He booked his package through TravelTriangle and had an amazing time. The package included their transfers, hotels, and sightseeing.

We wanted to go to Kerala for a long time for we had always heard a lot about its beauty. Booking our package from Taveltriangle was the best decision that we took as the option of customization of holidays turned out to be helpful for me to plan a trip of 7 days in Kerala with kids. We wanted to spend some time relaxing and witnessing the unique culture and the trip to Kerala gave us all.

Trip Cost: INR 71,000/-
No. Of People: 4 Adults, 2 Children
Trip Duration: 7 Days and 6 Nights
Inclusions: Breakfast, Hotels, All meal plans for houseboat, Airport/ Railway Station Transfers, Tour and Sightseeing
Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Airfare, Houseboat stay, Honeymoon inclusions and Entry fee charges

Day 1: Arrival in Munnar
Day 2: Sightseeing tour of Munnar
Day 3: Thekkady sightseeing and activities
Day 4: Arrival at Kanyakumari and overnight stay at Kovalam
Day 5: Sightseeing tour of Trivandrum
Day 6: Alleppey houseboat
Day 7: Departure from Cochin airport

Kerala has a moderate climate throughout the year but Kerala weather in March tends to get little warmer. You will experience high temperatures of up to 33°C during the day whereas the evenings are cool after sunset. Despite the warm weather during the day, making a trip for 7 days in Kerala with kids in March is one of the best time as it is neither hot but or humid and this time is favourable for plenty of activities and sightseeing.

Check out our experience day-wise of our 7 days in Kerala with kids. We did some awesome things and went to great places.

Day 1: Waterfalls Enroute Munnar

our journey to Munnar

spared some time to spent with each other

started our journey to Munnar

On arrival at Kochi airport, we were greeted by our representative. After which, we began our road journey to Munnar. Enroute Munnar we visited the gorgeous Cheeyappara and Valara waterfalls. These waterfalls are one of the most beautiful, seven steps waterfall in Kerala and were truly a sight to behold. We also indulged in some adventure activities.

After almost three and a half hours of drive, we reached our hotel, Summit Birds Valley Resort and Spa. After checking into the hotel at the reception, we decided to relax for the day at the hotel property. We went swimming and also played various indoor games. The hotel provided excellent service and was situated at a prime location.

Day 2: Sightseeing In Munnar

the perfect picture of a family

took so many beautiful pictures

enjoyed the time we spent

took pictures at the photopoint

Post breakfast, we were all set for the local sightseeing. We started at 9 am and began with a visit to the Rose Garden. It was a beautiful place including a variety of plants. We loved the colourful ambience all around and got to know a lot about different types of flowers.

We then visited other places like Photopoint, Ecopoint, Mattuppetty and Kundala Dam, Tea Museum and Pothamedu View Point. Boating at Kundala dam lake was one of the iconic experience on our trip to Kerala. The children had a great time boating whilst enjoy the scenic beauty.

We finished our sightseeing tour and went to Rajasthani restaurant as we are a big fan of Rajasthani food. We then returned to the hotel around 8 pm and went to our rooms to have a good night sleep.

Day 3: Thekkady Sightseeing And Activities

at Periyar lake

visited to see the spice plantations

enjoyed the sightseeing

kids also enjoyed

took pictures at the plantations side

On the next morning of our one week in Kerala, we checked out of our hotel in Munnar and travelled to Thekkady. We checked into the Spice Grove Hotels And Resorts in Thekkady. After that, we immediately got ready to see some cultural performances like Kathakali and ancient martial arts of Kerala. After the show ended, we went boating at Periyar lake. The experience was blissful for the entire family and not only did we enjoy boating but also got lucky to see wild animals on the shores on the lake. Also, it is one of the best activity to indulge in Kerala in March and it one was surely one of the best things we experienced on our trip of 7 days in Kerala with kids.

After we were finished with boating, we left for the local sightseeing that was included in our 7 days Kerala package. We visited the local market, spice plantations, Cardamom County and Elephant Junction. At night we took a spa treatment. We enjoyed our stay in Thekkady and what we really liked was the food and service we received at our resort.

Day 4: Watching Sunset In Kanyakumari

at the kanyakumari beach

at the meenakshi temple

enjoyed the vacation with kids

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

After having breakfast at the hotel and completing the check out formalities, we proceeded to Kanyakumari that was part of our Kerala itinerary of 7 days. On arrival at Kanyakumari after five and a half hours drive, we visited places like Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Gandhi Memorial, Triveni Sangam and Sunset point. Our experience at the sunset point was phenomenal. Seeing the sun at dusk at the southernmost tip of India is the best place to spend your evening.

After this, we proceeded to Kovalam which took us approximately 3 hours. We checked in at Hotel Samudra, KTDC. After a tiring yet exciting day of our 7 days in Kerala with kids, we had our dinner and rested in our cosy rooms.

Day 5: Trivandrum Sightseeing Tour

took picture in the resort

took elephant ride with kids

enjoyed a lot on the elephant ride

We grabbed breakfast at the resort and proceeded for the sightseeing tour of Trivandram. We visited places like Padmanabha Swamy Temple, zoo, Poovar Island, Kovalam beach, indulged in resort activities. Since we staying at the beach location, we went to the beach where we experienced some calm and quiet moments and relaxed. Children had an awesome time at the zoo watching animals, playing in the open space and enjoying the rides in the park.

After having an awesome day, we went back to our hotel. This tour was one of our wonderful experiences on our trip to Kerala with kids.

Day 6: Relaxing Houseboat Stay At Alleppey

enjoyed sitting at the backwaters

visited to the natural wild museums

We check out from our hotel at Kovalam and proceed to Alleppey. We reached Alleppey after four and a half hours drive and checked in at Exotica Cruises. This day was scheduled for a houseboat stay as a part of our week in Kerala trip.

Later on, we navigated around Alleppey backwaters and having the traditional meals of Kerala there was a fascinating experience. The lush greenery around looked so perfect and we absoutely fell in love with the serenity of the place. Cruise photography was another memorable experience for us.

In the night, we stayed at the houseboat backwater cruise, where we were served dinner and also watched a movie. The staffs on the boat were also very helpful and welcoming.

Day 7: Time To Say Goodbye To Kerala

had an amazing time at the photoshoot

It was our last day in Kerala. We did an early check out from the hotel and proceeded to Kochin airport to catch a flight for our way back home. It was indeed a mesmerizing experience and a refreshing trip for my family.

Few Kerala travel tips you should keep in mind ensure a stress-free vacation.

1. Always pre-plan your necessary things related to Kerala travel in March.
2. Make sure you are planning a vacation for at least 6-7 days and a maximum of 10 to 12 days as Kerala features numerous experiences and I am sure you don’t want to miss out on any.
3. Don’t forget to pack your woollen outfits as well for Munnar and Thekkady.
4. Carry a mosquito repellent before heading to Kerala as the lushes of this place also house mosquitos.

Right from the time, we booked our Kerala trip with kids with Traveltraingle, their agents helped us throughout. Everything was perfectly arranged for us keeping all the kid-friendly places and services in mind. The execution was perfect for every small thing until our trip ended. The agents extended us full support and everything was within our budget.

We have always booked our trip with Traveltriangle and there is not a single time we faced a problem. It was indeed a great experience.

Our 7 days in Kerala with kids was an amazing and reviving moment. This trip gave us lots of amazing memories which we will cherish forever. We are glad that we booked our trip through TravelTriangle as the suggestions their representative gave keeping in mind that the kids were also travellking before booking the package really helped us. Wait no longer and book your trip to Kerala with Traveltriangle to create such memorable moments with your family.

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Glaciers In Nepal: Up And Close With Nature’s Five Beautiful Marvels

Considered to be the mecca for trekkers, the gateway to Himalayas, an abode of adventures, nature’s haven, and the home of a rich wildlife, Nepal is a pure treat for the travelers who love to soak in the goodness of surreal views. From temples to villages, from mountains to valleys, treks to adventure sports, and from national parks to glaciers in Nepal, there is nothing a traveler cannot find in this land of glorious mountains.

With mountains being the highlight in Nepal, glaciers also form a huge attraction for the travelers from all across the world. Being the home for Everest base camp, the city is synonymous with snow-clad mountains which ultimately leads the travelers to explore the stunning glaciers in Nepal.

1. Khumbu Glacier

Khumbu glacier

Nestled between the ridge of Lhotse-Nuptse and the mighty Mount Everest, Khumbu Glacier is considered to be world’s highest glacier set at an elevation of about 24,900 ft. With Western Cwm being the starting point, Khumbu Glacier plays a very crucial role for trekkers as it leads to the Everest Base Camp and forms the last part of the trail. One of the major highlights of this glacier is that of the Khumbu Icefall which is much famed amidst the trekkers for being a huge barrier during the trek.

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2. Imja Glacier

Imja glacier

Set in the district of Solukhumbu, Imja Glacier is one of the famous glaciers in Nepal that originates from the Himalayas itself. With an elevation of 23,153 ft., Kali Himal is the peak that forms the originating source of Imja glacier. Flowing through the Island Peak that is nestled in the mountainous region in the southeast region of Mount Everest, Imja Glacier flows down to the Indian Ocean whilst it passes through the Dudh Kosi, and River Ganges.

3. Ngozumpa Glacier

Ngozumpa Glacier

Much famed to be the longest of all the glaciers in the Himalayas, the Ngozumpa Glacier is located at the foothills of Cho Oyu mountains that happens to be the sixth highest peak in Nepal. Along with the Gokyo Lakes, Ngozumpa Glacier forms one of the main attractions for the travelers to explore during their trip to Nepal. Surrounded by a rocky landscape, and cliffs, the glacier looks very rustic in appearance. While glaciers melting in Nepal has been observed due to the global warming, Ngozumpa Glacier has always managed to be the center of attraction for the scientists and travelers alike.

4. Nangpai Gosum Glacier

Nangpai glaciers

For those who are hardcore admirers of the mountain peaks covered with gorgeous sheets of snow, must make efforts to visit the beautiful Nangpai Gosum Glacier at least once in their lifetime when in Nepal. Set at a distance of just 25 kilometers from the might Mount Everest, it is one of the most fascinating glaciers in Nepal. While the glacier is located close to the borders of China and Nepal, there is also an ice-drilling site which the trekkers can explore.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

5. Langtang Glacier

Langtang glacier

Originating from the Langtang Lirung peak, Langtang Glacier is much famed amidst the trekkers and all travelers alike for being the longest of all the glaciers in Nepal. While the Langtang Valley is reckoned as “the valley of Glaciers”, the presence of 7000-metres high debris makes this one of the most-sought escapes amidst the trekkers.

While there are many small glaciers like the Ambulapcha glacier, Hunku glacier, and others, it is a must for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts to include these gorgeous glaciers on their travel bucket list. And to enjoy on an hassle-free journey, plan a customized holiday in Nepal with TravelTriangle.


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South Africa With Kids: 13 Places For A Memorable Holiday With Your Loved Ones!

South Africa had always been one of the most favored family friendly holiday destinations. Particularly for the kids, it is a treasure-trove of adventure, fun and vivid wonders that will give them jaw-dropping moments one after the other. So let’s take a virtual tour and find out the absolutely must visit spots if you are travelling to South Africa with kids. You will find some of the rare gems that this international travel destination has in store that puts them high up on the list of world’s best holiday destination for families.

The highly ambitious, financially empowered parents of this generation love to travel and hence that gives an opportunity to their children to see the world as well. Read on to know what all you can try with kids in this picturesque land.

1. Cape Town

Cape Town

The beautiful and enthralling Cape Town appeases travelers of varied age group. With two oceans lapping its waves from both sides and the lofty mountains guarding it from the other side, Cape Town has the best of both the worlds. Apart from the mesmerizing beauty of the place, Cape Town has plenty of activities to make it a dream vacation for every kid.

The Two Ocean Aquarium in Cape Town is complete heaven for kids. It gives them a peek into the aquatic life in the oceans around the city. The vibrant and colorful fishes and sea animals keep them engaged for hours. The cable car ride on the top of the Table Mountain, a visit to the Kirstenbosh Botanical Garden, the mesmerizing Cape Peninsula, swimming in the Boulders Beach with the penguins, and baboons & ostriches in Cape Point Nature reserve are some of the other tourist attractions that are loved by the kids and the adults alike. If you want to explore all these places in Cape Town, then your vacation for at least 2 weeks in South Africa with kids.

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2. iSimangaliso Wetland Park

iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Children have a very natural affinity towards animals. They never get tired of watching animals. iSimagaliso Wetland Park may be tad bit scary for the kids with those crocodiles in the swamps but it will not fail to excite them either. So, gear up for a wildlife safari in the savannas and also some coastal adventure that the kids will remember all through their life. You can also spot some of rare species here if you’re lucky enough.

3. Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

The post card identity of South Africa, the Kruger National Park is indeed a treasure trove of adventure for both the adults and the kids. Grab your opportunity to watch the Big 5 that include elephant, lion, rhinoceroses, buffalo and leopard from close quarters. The kids will be thrilled beyond expectations here to spot these vivacious creatures that they only get to see in books in their routine life.

4. Whale Watching

Whale Watching

The biodiversity of of South Africa does not end with the national parks. An hour and a half drive from Cape Town will take you to the small town of Hermanus. This town is home to shallow waters that becomes the breeding ground for migrating whales between the months of June and November. You can really take your kids for a jaw dropping experience of watching the whales from a touchable distance. It is an experience that will give you moments to be cherished for a lifetime. This is one of the must and should things to do in South Africa with kids.

5. Horse Riding Safari

Horse Riding Safari

Taking your kids’ tete-e-tete with the animals forward, take them for a Horse Riding Safari. Panning the national park on the horse back chasing the herd of zebra and giraffe gives a completely new high that the kids enjoy to the hilt. Kids as young as toddler can enjoy this. This is one activity that is enthralling for the entire family taking your South African Safari with toddler to an altogether new height.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

6. Garden Route

Garden Route

If you think that only animals and activities can keep children engaged and they would not enjoy the nature as much, take them to the Garden Route. You will be surprised to see that the beauty of nature has a universal effect and children are certainly not to be left out from that. The serenity the beaches, the lagoons, the rivers, the woods and the green rocky hills make a completely breathtaking view. Exposing children to nature is actually therapeutic and stimulates their mental and emotional growth in a manifold manner.

7. Drakensberg


Literally meaning ‘mountains of the Dragon,’ Drakensberg is yet another treasure trove of nature’s opulence; Drakensberg is complete with beautiful waterfalls, unpolluted rivers, forests and rock art. There is plenty of open space for the kids to run freely, fresh air that you can fill your lungs with, a breathtaking sunset that kisses entire landscapes goodbye spreading myriads of colors all around – the kids will love it as much.

8. Johannesburg


Back to the city of Johannesburg, you step into the most vibrant and lively city. Cities may be full of crowd, noise and concrete clutter, but they have a different kind of appeal. After panning the picturesque landscapes for days, when you hit back to the city, the traffic lights, the honking cars, the illuminated skyline at the night, makes you feel like coming back home. And no two cities are identical with each other.

Johannesburg is the place where you get to feel the pulse of South Africa. The best of the retail marts, art galleries and restaurants – walk through the city or take a bus tour; the spirit of the city tends to sink into your heart and it indomitable energy reverberates long after you have left the city.

Traveling for the kids is as adventurous and exciting as it is for the adults. And given the exponential multi-dimensional growth that the travel industry is experiencing right now, every destination has something special for every age group. And the millennial kids make up for a lion share in the whole segment of their target audiences.

9. Boat Trip

Boat Trip

If you are visiting South Africa in summer then you must opt for a boat ride from the Victoria and Alfred Dock in Cape Town. You will be able to witness the amazing wildlife like sunfish, dolphins, and seals among others. Relax on the boat, soak in the warmth of the sun, and enjoy the panoramic view of the city with your kids. A boat trip is an ideal activity that you can indulge in South Africa with a 2-year old kid.

10. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

V&A Waterfront

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront has been an iconic tourist destination which has attracted many tourists every year due to its European architecture, picturesque view of ocean and mountains, and entertainment complex. Situated in Cape Town, this waterfront is easily accessible and provides a plethora of fun activities for kids. Children can admire underwater creatures in aquariums in the complex and can enjoy the 360-degree views of the city. If you are in Cape Town with your family, then V&A Waterfront is a must-visit place where you kids can have a playful time.

11. Ziplining


If you are looking for some extra fun for your kids then you can head out to Storms River near Tsitsikamma National Park where you can opt for ziplining. It is a perfect blend of fun and adventure as it goes on for a massive 211 meters. This activity will help them to build their confidence and add a new experience to their list.

12. Cango Caves

Cango Caves

As kids always love to make tunnels and caves with pillows and sheets, Cango Caves will surely increase their excitement. This system of chambers is easily accessible from Mossel Bay if you have opted for the Garden Route trip. Some of the caves and tunnels are so narrow that you will have to bend down to cross them. There are two ways of exploring these caves, either by opting for Heritage Tour or Adventure Tour.

13. Knysna Elephant Park

Knysna Elephant Park

Kids are always curious and come up with all sorts of questions. There answers related to elephants and other animals can be answered in the Knysna Elephant Park. This park has been recognized as one of the best facilities for elephants as it has been able to rescue and relocate around 40 elephants. You and your kid will not only get to feed them fruits and vegetables but can also solve all your queries about mammals with the ranger.

Travelling is not just a recreation. In fact, it is a beautiful way to elevate yourself and broaden the horizon of your mind. And the earlier you get to start with it, the better. In that sense, the kids of this generation are particularly lucky. So, plan your family adventure holidays to South Africa with TravelTriangle and let your kids guide you through the country for a fun-packed holiday!


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Itatiaia National Park: Explore The Wildlife Haven In The Heart Of Brazil

Brazil, not only known for it’s welcoming demeanor, but also it’s vast and almost drool-worthy green foliage, is a home to many national parks and sanctuaries (almost 72, huh!). Located in the heart of this country is Itatiaia National Park, which is the oldest of them all and is situated at the border of Rio de Janerio and Minas Gerais.

About Itatiaia National Park

Established in 1937 by President Getúlio Vargas, the Itatiaia National Park in Brazil is a home to almost 350 species of birds, holds the origin of 12 river basins, sheds the primary and secondary Atlantic Rainforests and alpine meadows and has a whole array of mountains rising to the heights of almost 2,800 meters. The entire assemblage of mountains is so vast that it includes along with it the states’ third largest peak- Pico das Agulhas Negras, which is 2,878 meters high.

Over the years, the Park has attracted tourists from all over the world for activities like bird watching, mountain climbing, and hiking and of course the most important out of them being- scenic beauty and waterfalls. The lower area contains the waterfalls and is closer to the city of Itatiaia. The Park has been divided into the high area containing all the mountains such as Agulhas Negras and Prateleiras. There is also a Natural History Museum at the lower part of the Park.

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With so many things to do in the ‘To Do List’, knowing the peaks and the falls of the Park will make life much easier. So here are a few ‘must do’ things during your stay:

1. Ecological Tours

Ecological Tours

Rides along the rough terrains, the pearl-like dismission of the waterfalls and the bare forests has never dulled the sparkles of the tourist’s eyes. A feast for the eyes of birdwatchers will be to catch a glimpse of a variety of birds such as the hummingbirds, green-beaked toucans, owls, saíras, guachos, macucos, and even hawks. Mammals such as the sloths, quatis, caxingueles and chubby antas are the most commonly sighted. However, if you have got a hawk’s eye, you may also be able to lay your eyes on the wildcat and the highly endangered loboguara wolf. So a much advisable activity in Brazil would be to know your steering and gears well because you’re all up for a ride. There are many guide agencies that one can book for themselves by either visiting the National Park center or by associating with the local tour guides.

2. Hiking and Trekking

Hiking and Trekking

To breathe in the indistinct petrichor, to listen to the distant and unfamiliar, yet vibrant chirrups and calls of fauna and to feast the eyes with the majestic beauty of the flora, one must take up hikes and treks on this bed of extravagance. The most traveled peaks are Prateleiras, for they are considerably easier to climb in comparison to Agulhas Negras. The rocks are of Granite and are therefore rough, so don’t leave behind your trekking shoes and certainly don’t forget your ointments, for marks are going to be left.

3. Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports

A little detour is always fun. Just at a distance of 1 km is Visconde De Maua where one can unravel their love and enthusiasm for adventure sports such as river rafting along the rapids of river Rio Preto, a waterfall cascading or Cachoeirismo and last but not the least, mountain rappelling. However for the ones who prefer to keep their pressures at normal, can always have a dip in the fresh streams found at the end of the waterfalls. Such activities are utmostly enjoyed by peoples of all age groups.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

4. Paragliding and Parasailing

Paragliding In Sky

At a distance of 20.6 km is Resende, a highly recommended place for people who love to feel the breeze. But mind you, this is not soft, but the harsh yet absolutely ecstatic breeze that one gets while they are sailing down and cutting through various altitudes of the atmosphere during paragliding or parasailing. You can hook up with agencies such as Salto Duplo if you’re into having the time of your lives.

How To Reach Itatiaia National Park

The park is usually open between 8 am – 5 pm. There are many buses that travel between the national park and the city of Itatiaia. So all you need to do is, is save a seat long before because the rush is perennial and finding a ride a few days earlier might be a pain. You can also have access to the park by taxi services or vehicles of your own.

Place to stay

It is one thing to be covered in soft and comfortable linen, but a completely different thing and one and a million experience to sleep amidst the overwhelming and oozing beauty of the national parks. If you’re up for more adventure, there are options to camp out in the safe areas of the forests in the Park (but don’t forget to pack your mosquito repellent lotions). There is one hotel within the park but is quite pricey if you’re on a budget. However, one can always find refuge and rest in proper hotels in the neighboring areas of Resende, Penedo, Visconde de Maua as well as in the near vicinity of the Park.

Weather At Itatiaia National Park

Being covered with flora all over, the Itatiaia National Park weather has witnessed temperatures as low as -10°C (14° F). It reaches its coolest between June and August where there is a not only a decrease in temperature but also rainfall, making the climate very dry. Best time to visit the Park is during the Southern Summers (between June to August).

The Itatiaia National Park should be on your bucket list if you are a nature enthusiast, and even if not one, it’s always nice to flaunt a well-traveled passport. So go ahead and visit the park for some ultimate thrill and fun. Book your trip to Brazil and do not give this iconic attraction a miss.


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Ashima’s Jordan Petra Travel Will Grab The Attention Of All The History Buffs

Many ancient travelers roamed the world, discovering new lands and making history. Driven by feeling of knowing the unknown, they passionately made journeys alone and in groups.And now we have travelers who are so intrigued by the history of certain places that takes them far, very far. On such history-buff cum traveler is Ashima, who went on a mind-blowing Jordan Petra travel journey with her girls-gang and called it is a casual “annual vacation” when asked. So moved by the history and culture of this place, she has shared her wonderful experience with us.

Petra, being one of the 7 Wonders of the World, was the main factor for short-listing Jordan as our next travel destination. We contacted TravelTriangle to plan our trip and their agent was very helpful in customising it exactly the way we wanted it, keeping our preferences in mind. The entire team was responsive and helpful throughout the engagement with them.

Jordan has a mix of people, from Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Bedous and it was very interesting to observe how this relatively new country has been able to synthesize people from various erstwhile nationalities to assimilate and absorb a new national identity and form an amalgamated culture.

Cost: INR 206600
Duration: 8 days
No. of people: 2 Adults, 0 Children
Inclusions: Airfare, Arrival Assistance, Accommodation, Transportation, all entry fees, breakfast and dinner, 4×4 ride in Wadi Rum, Petra by Night, guides
Exclusions: Lunch, Personal Expenses

Day 1: Arrival in Amman | Hotel Check-in
Day 2: Explore Amman
Day 3: Departure from Amman | Visit Madaba | Arrive Aqaba
Day 4: Explore Aqaba
Day 5: Tour to Petra
Day 6: Petra By Night
Day 7: Visit Wadi Rum
Day 8: Visit Dead Sea

Accompany us on our journey, as we take you through the roads we travelled by…

Amman – The Stunning Capital


 hub of restaurants

Amman is the magical capital of Jordan, where at one moment you would feel the throb of a modern lifestyle and the very next moment skip a heartbeat seeing its ancient ruins. Amman is a city that embraces its past and lives its present, everyday. This being the first destination of the trip, our excitement levels were at its zenith. We started with the King Abdullah Mosque, a beautiful and grand religious structure crowned by a blue mosaic domb. Then we headed to the Roman ruins where we saw the Amman Citadel and amphitheatre. You have to visit this place to know what it really feels like, when you find yourself standing amidst the ruins of a glorious past. This was quite overwhelming, so we moved on to something lighter – shopping!

Rainbow Street is a happening hub of restaurants and shops in Jordan and is popular among the locals and travelers alike. We spent our time exploring the shops and local eateries here.

Madaba – An Ancient Town

Mount Nebo

old city

pieced together as a mosaic


On our way to Aqaba, we stopped by this ancient and artistic town in Jordan, called
Madaba. A highlight of this town is the mosaic map of the Holy Land dating back to the 6th-century. The map forms a part of the floor mosaic of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. It is the world famous map of the region, pieced together as a mosaic. We got to know about amazing details the map had like river-fish swimming upstream at the confluence to the sea, to keep away from the salt water.

Our next stop was Mount Nebo, which was a religious pilgrimage spot for many Jews. This is an elevated ridge of a mountain range in Jordan, called Abarim. We got to know that Mount Nebo has reference in the Hebrew Bible as the place where “God has granted Moses a view of the Promised Land.”

Aqaba – The Gorgeous Port City


mesmerising experience

best expirience


From green hills to myriad rock formations to the lovely aquamarine sea. It took a long drive past several different landscapes to reach this place. Aqaba is an old city located on the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea. At Aqaba, we hired a basic boat which took us to the reef and we jumped in, to snorkel. We regret taking off our life jackets because swimming in the sea is different and a bit challenging as compared to swimming in a pool. We returned exhausted, and had to cancel our of deep sea diving.

Another highlight of this place was the beach and the pools at the hotel. Swimming with shoals of fish was a mesmerising experience. And equally divine was the feeling that we got by taking a dip in any of the myriad pools in the hotel, including a hot water jacuzzi.

Petra – The Queen Of All Destinations

popular archaeological

 pink sandstone cliffs


detailed tombs


Our next trip was to the most awaited spot in Jordan, Petra. This popular archaeological site which dates back to 300 B.C is one of the 7 Wonders in the World. A highlight of Petra experience is walking through the tall multi-hued canyon, called the Siq. And just around the bend, through the gap, what a dramatic sight awaits you! We entered a complex of elaborately detailed tombs and temples, skilfully carved into pink sandstone cliffs. This is why the place is also known as “Rose City”. A magnificent edifice among all the other structures was The Treasury, a 45-meter high temple featuring a detailed, Greek-style facade. We spent half-an-hour just admiring all the facets of this beautiful monument, ostensibly built in honour of the departed souls.

Another plan we were looking forward to was the walking tour at night, known as the “Petra by Night”. This is one of the best ways to experience the unique nightlife in Jordan. We were so excited about it that we built our plan around it, because it’s available only on selected days of the week. This walk took through the journey of Petra from Nabataean settlement and until the end of the Roman Empire.

Wadi Rum – The Valley Of The Moon

Wadi Rum

The Valley Of The Moon

After Petra and all the other experiences in Jordan, we prepared to be astonished again. Our next destination, Wadi Rum is a rugged valley that feature many striking sandstone and granite rock formations. This desert-valley has moon-like landscapes because which it is also known as the ‘Valley of the Moon’. The highlight at Wadi Rum was the bone jingling 4×4 ride to view the sunset. It took us about 2 hours to reach, but the views of the magnificent formations, twisted and cut by the wind, and water erosion was a sight to behold.

Dead Sea – Nature’s Wonder

dead sea

Red Sea

Among all the places to visit in Jordan listed in our itinerary, the final one was the Dead Sea. This unique salt lake makes you float on the water due to its very high salt ratio. This is one of those places that you can tag in facebook or post pictures of, in Twitter. But honestly, the water is so saline that after spending 10 minutes in the sea, my skin could not take the burning.

  • Aqaba has some of the lovely beaches of Jordan owned by some of the top end Hotels. Try to buying beach access (reasonable rates) through the hotel are staying at
  • Do not remove your life jackets while swimming in the sea
  • Make sure you do not miss the ‘Petra by Night’ walk
  • Due to the high conversion rates, Jordan is an expensive destination. Explore options before you shop here

Ashima and her girls-gang have drawn a beautiful picture on their Jordan Petra travel by sharing their journey, experiences and amazements. Why not make some memories of your own by planning a trip to Jordan with you family or friends and discover this bewitching destination in your way?